Here’s to this flag of mine
The red, black and green
Hopes in its future bright
African has seen

Here’s to the Red of it.
Great nations shall know of it
In time to come
Red Blood shall flow of it,
Historians shall write of it.
Great flag of mine.

Here’s to the Black of it.
400 million back of it.
Whose destiny depends on it.
The Red, Black and Green of it.
O’ Flag of mine.

Here’s to the Green of it.
Young men shall dream of it.
Face, shot and shells of it.
Maidens shall sing of it.
Waving so high.

Here’s to the whole of it.
Colors brought and pole of it.
Pleased is my soul with it.
Regardless of what is told of it.
Thank God for giving it.
Great Flag of mine.